The Importance of Vegetable Based

Ever ask a new juicer what they are juicing at home..?

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They excitedly start to name off everything they are juicing...

pineapple, pear, apple, grapes, carrot, and beets.. yea!!

SUGAR ATTACK. While it is indeed natural sugar. You would not be able to eat all of those things in one day, nor would you be able to eat that in one sitting, which is what you are doing when drinking it.

Juice, is better than no juice, but do your best to get those greens in, and watching that sugar. A little piece of fruit goes a long way in with your vegetables. Unless you are running a marathon or a professional athlete, it is unlikely you need all that sugar.

Here at drinkbar, we keep our juices 90% vegetable, 10% OR LESS fruit. It is important to us and know you will get more success while cleansing.

Happy Juicing juicers.