Eat your way to Abs. Food Combining for Optimal Energy and Digestion.

Do you deal with digestion troubles? Are sensitive to certain food and have low energy? It could be a more serious issue, or it could be as simple as WHAT your putting on your toast, and WHEN.

It is not uncommon anymore to hear people complaining of digestion troubles, going GLUTEN FREE and being food sensitive and intolerant to a number of foods. Knowing our body is important, and so is food combining for optimal energy, health and even pant size. 

Different foods have different digestion rates( the time it takes for food to move through your gut) You may have a healthy breakfast, hearty, and "clean" but if your food is not digested from that meal until three hours later, you will be yawning before lunch time, or worse, reaching for that office candy bowl for a quick burst of "sugar energy". 

Why does sugar make us feel energetic (at first)? Sugar, and particularly candy and processed sugar, digest immediately, giving your body a false sense of nutrients ingested. These candies are also typically missing their co-pilot, FIBER. Without the presence of this important counterpart, the blood sugar is spiked and we turn into a 7 year old child on Halloween.

What happens when you eat something such as candy or fruit on top of your " healthy, clean" breakfast? You get a traffic jam. This one however, is in your GI tract. This little "jam" drains your bodies energy, and that clean, healthy breakfast becomes a broke down car, and the sugar you just ate is now fermenting and causing bloating sitting behind your morning breakfast. When these traffic jams occur, the easily digested nutrients get trapped in the small intestine where it feeds the bad bacteria, and our gut begins to expand.  You can eat incredibly clean and healthy, but " The right thing, at the wrong time, is the wrong thing."

Not everyone is sensitive to inproper food combining, but those with

  • food intolerance's
  • hormone imbalances,
  • life threatening conditions,
  • digestion issues or
  • have been previously "food injured"
  • diagnosed with IBS, Crohns Disease, diverticulitis, Ulcerative colitis, 
  • Autoimmue diseases, and cancer.

have a harder time moving foods through the GI tract  at a healthy rate, optimizing all the nutrients available to them. It is particularly important for those with low immune systems or are fighting a life threatening disease. Keeping energy high and the blood clean will get you to a healthy place, faster than anything else. Putting " healthy" foods into an unhealthy digestive tract will not do much good if nutrients can't be absorbed properly.

Not only are these principles important for energy and digestion but they are important for the elimination of toxins. You cannot survive without your intestinal flora, keeping them happy, healthy and well fed is important for all areas of physical and mental function.

So we do we start? 

1. FRUIT FIRST. Fruit leaves the stomach the fastest. Eating fruit behind bacon and eggs will make a sure path for bloating, and, well, you know what follows that. You will be unbuttoning your pants before you even order your lunch.

2.  Vegetables SECOND. A large salad for lunch, or even heavy green based smoothie would be idea for digestion.  Cooked vegetables are digested a little bit easier, but still come in 2nd after fruit. Fruit AND veggies CAN be combined.

3.  Starches/OR protein last. These combine great with greens but never together. These are best eaten in the even where your energy levels can be lower, and your entire evening of " digestion work" can focus on these foods.

Something to keep in mind. Picture an apple, in 97 degree weather, cut, mashed, and sitting with an old piece of steak, put that in tight quarters for 3-5 days. Can you imagine the site you would see, smell? If you think about it, that food digest quickly, and then sits, to literally rot. Those rotting toxins are being circulated through your blood and causing a wealth of other problems. Keeping that flow nicely, " moving" and your energy levels high will bring you not only energy, but a  healthy body and clear mind.

Check out this chart, for a clearer picture of what combinations digest best.