No, I do not mean head stands and food scales. I mean everyday balance.

It is so easy to jam pack our days so tight to keep up with the " Jones's" Right? I swear, there is even an app for that, >> How to better organize your life. 


In todays society, because of the fast pace of technology, it is easy to get wrapped into thinking, we too have to keep up. The lie we are all lead to believe, is that life will stop, if we stop. 

I promise you, if you take a few days, shut off all the notifications on your phone, ( or even delete the apps, you CAN re-download them and everything will be the same;). Im a pro) and just be present, in YOUR life, that is REAL with no filter on it, you will create balance.


Turn your phone to DO NOT DISTURB. This will allow you to be reminded that just because in todays society people do in fact have access to you 24 hours a day, does not mean you have to respond. 

Thought......If you were recapping the day with your significant other, and fitjohnjoewhoever29876 came barging in your livingroom and said " Look at my sweet gains." and starting flexing in between you and the person you care about, you would be appalled.


You would probably respond something in the liking of " WHO ARE YOU?, WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?" I would hope you would say " Why do you not have a shirt on?" And " I was speaking to someone" 

Essentially, thats what we are doing when we pick up our phone to connect with random strangers in any form of social media. 

We used to just do things. ONE thing. We used to JUST drive, now we drive and text, or drive and take car selfies or videos of us singing songs about not feeling our "face when Im with you" ( guilty) We used to just workout. Now we take gym selfies. We used to just have dinner with our frends. Now we take photos of us going to dinner, our dinner, having dinner, our bellies after dinner. Its insane, no wonder people can't sleep and can't have meaningful relationships. We all just need a little balance.

Drinkbar is CHALLENGING you all to PUT IT DOWN and focus this week. Here are some tips.


  • Shut off your notifications. I promise, your mind will thank you. That random person that you met in a bar bathroom back in 2007 who told you about her dog dying that just liked your photo is not worth breaking your concentrating to the things you are DOING and the people you love who want your time.

  • Make specific phone time. Let those around you know, "hey, im going to catch up for a few moments";  so they are not frustrated by your lack of attention. Set 20 minutes to zone out and post your food, or your new shoes, or that sweet quote you just stole( also guilty), respond to your grandmas dog photo, and put it away and be present.
  • Create Mental space when your alone. We used to just do this. If you are in the car, put it in the back so you cant reach it. Put it on do not disturb, and just be with YOU, and your thoughts. We all need this mental space. Oh, and its illegal.... yea that too. ( I KNOW Im guilty too)