7 Healthy Habits

7 Healthy Habits to Keep you feeling the best version of you. 

1. Start Every with a warm liquid and some sort of spiritual ritual(whatever your prefer). Even if it is ten minutes. Do meditation, pray, or just spend a few quiet moments alone, with hot tea, warm water, or coffee.


2. Drink MORE WATER.  Our bodies are 70% water. Drink more of it, I promise, every part of you will thank you. Alkaline is best.

3.Say 5 nice things to yourself. We spend the most time with ourselves. Say 5 NEW nice things to yourself everyday. No, this is not prideful, for if you LOVE yourself you can better LOVE your neighbor and those around you.

4.Listen to YOUR body. We are so hard on our bodies, always wanting to change them. Just take some time to LOVE your body, RIGHT WHERE IT IS. TODAY and LISTEN to what it is saying.


5. Ask More questions. "We are first a student before ever a teacher."  Don't be afraid to ask more questions, we learn by listening. Listen more, talk less.

6. Exercise less. Yes, you read that correctly. Exercise is hard on the body, sometimes we need to scale back and focus on diet and resting, rather than trying to punish our bodies for that cocktail we had.  

7. Drink ALGAE. Algae forces oxygen into the blood. It is a great way to take your bodies health to the next level. You can get it in the form of Chlorophyll. 

Happy Juicing Guys!