Making better health holiday decisions. Plan your New Year Now.

1. CLEAN OUT YOUR REFRIGERATOR: Planning is key. If you are not set up to bring home healthy groceries and properly store meals, you are kidding yourself. That old diet coke your friend left two years ago in the back corner, HAS. TO. GO! Those expired dressings and random carrots in your bottom drawers need an eviction notice. Our success in all areas really starts in the habits of our foundations. Do not under estimate the power of an organized refrigerator. 

2. BUDGET: It is common for us New Years 'Resolutioners' to DREAM BIG, SHOOT FOR THE STARS, purchase every workout dvd, (because we are going to do them all, twice) buy all new workout apparel and several new sets of matching tupperware. These are all great, but do not underestimate the depth of your wallet and the little money you actually need to make BIG changes. The crash and burn method also hits your wallet. Running into a budget wall, above any other obstacle is a large part in why people give up. Eating healthy is incredibly affordable when you take into account you are no longer making weekly trips to taco bell and last minute snacks when you are in a jam. Stay consistent and eat at home and watch your waist line shrink and wallet grow. 

3. PREPARE: This seems so simple, doesn't it? We are adults right? Clearly we have learned how to prepare?  We are also, human. Preparing" doesn't mean large tupperwares spread out on your counter with five hours of labor and measuring every ounce of food. We do not mean " meal prep, food prepping, or whatever the catchy phrase that may be attached to that is. No, we are talking preparing by making sure you have snacks and easy dinners on hand. This means, making sure you have an apple or banana in your purse or gym bag at all times. Thinking ahead and being consistent on taking your water so you don't reach for that soda, and bringing a snack, so you don't binge on those chips. 

4. Plan for hiccups: They are coming. If you say they are not, you will be right where you are right now. Being realistic will take you much further than being in denile about obstacles that may arise. " If you do not know where you want to be in five years, you are already there." - Tony Horton. Making changes are NOT easy. All change feels like loss at first.  It is going to feel uncomfortable at times, and that is ok. Realizing that some days may not go perfect is setting you up for long term success and new created habits. Welcome them with grace, offer yourself forgiveness and get back on track!

5. Break down your goals: It may be a fitness goal for you, or it may be a project goal, whatever it may be, break it down. Just like a recipe, that takes particular measurements, ingredients and steps to complete a masterpiece, so to does a goal. View your particular goal and back track. If you are wanting to lose 5 lbs, what does your first week of that goal look like and then break it down by day. If you are wanting to get at least 8 hours of a sleep a night, what time do you need to start winding down each night? What time do you need to get up? The end result is our goal yes, but " Success is the sum of SMALL efforts, day in and day out." It is the little adjustments that get us to the finish line.