3 HOLIDAY TOXINS, and how to fix them. Drinkbar DOS and DON'TS.

Here at drinkbar, we really stress balance. With that said however, the implement of knowledge is power, and if avoiding these few toxins will bring less stress and less "grinchy-ness" then why not? Here are a few toxic holidays favorites that you can avoid.

CULPRIT #1 :YOUR TREE. Such a fun time of year, and the process of getting your tree or putting your faux one together creates such memories.  Most artificial trees are made from harmful plastics and metals. We then fill them with hot lights and more lead made ornaments. Are we eating our tree? No. Should we avoid them all together, of course not. Lets get real here. 

Purchasing a real tree is better for the environment and your home. They may be cutting down a tree, but most of these trees are planted specifically for this purpose. They will die and decompose naturally in a landfill after the holidays are packed up. The artificial tree, however, will not decompose and instead leach harmful chemicals back into the environment. 

When in doubt: Go real. 

DRINKBAR DO: Since there are no current goverment issued "safe" lead amounts to go by, we suggest bulking up your bodies natural defense system against heavy metals. Pairing Chlorella  (such as in our goddess of greens acai bowl) with a regiment of cilantro will actually detox the body of heavy metals.

 “Many health practitioners use synthetic chelating agents such as DMPS, DMSA, EDTA and others to mobilize and eliminate heavy metals from the body. There are advantages and disadvantages to using these. One advantage is the power of their mobilizing activity—they are quick to mobilize and eliminate certain metals in the body, but this may place a huge burden on the body’s detoxification system."

The pairing of these is key, as the process does not work without the presence of both. The cilantro releases the stored heavy metals, and the chlorella (algae) cleans the blood. If one should chooe just a regiment of  cilantro, your body will "retoxify" itself and can cause acne, joint pain and mood swings by recirculating the metals back into the tissue. Having one serving, (1/2  cup of cilantro a day) is suggested as well as adding in a chlorella tablet or powdered scoop to your morning smoothies. This powerful duo will boost your immune system and still allow you to enjoy your holidays even with a faux tree.

Avoiding lead ornaments: stick with handmade from family members or local artisan shops. 


Lead, can also be present in our fireside, christmas cookie smelling delicious candles. The metal wicks in these holiday favorites are where the threats lie. When lit, these toxins can be leached into the air, allowing young children(and adults) to breathe in. Lead is specifically toxic to a babies brain at any level. There are NO "safe" levels in pregnant women or children.

Most candles are also made with paraffin, a petroleum-based material.  Scented candles also typically get their aromas from artificial fragrances made with phthalates, which can affect the hormonal system.

Of course we LOVE our candles as much as the next person and will likely continue to purchase them. Here are some tips we go by when making the best choice.

DRINKBAR DO: Make your OWN candles at home with fresh cinnamon sticks, orange peels or naturally scented essential oils, paired with healthy wicks you can purchase right from the craft store. These can pair as gift giving ideas as well as creating a new, toxic free holiday tradition. We also love Artisan Candle Co, who uses 100% SOY and beewax wicks. for the tight scheduled, less DIY candle lover.

CULPRIT #3:Over-doing it on canned food. We use sweetened condensed milk, cranberry sauce, canned pumpkin,  green beans for our casseroles and so on. The problem however, is the amount of BPA we are exposing ourselves too.  BPA is Bisphenol A., a synthetic estrogen found in the epoxy coating of primarily canned foods. Most larger companies have caught on to the fact the public does not want to purchase cancer causing laden beans and soups. 

DRINKBAR DO: Fresh is always best, but as we know not always practical. Next best option is frozen. There is a variety of affordable organic frozen produce options, that are often tastier than their BPA canned counterparts. 

When in doubt, choose BPA free brands.

We KNOW the holidays can be stressful and there is no doubt most people neglect their health on all levels. These are just some guidelines to go by to keep you and your loved ones toxic free. 

Happy Juicing All!