Juicing for Ulcer

We have all had one or at least none someone who has had an ulcer. 

Ulcers are most commonly linked to stress, but lets be honest and say stress also typically accompanies a poor diet and vice versa. :) Lets be reaaalll, ok friends? :) It is often, hard to control your diet while dealing with such digestion discomforts. Lets go to the cause, first.  

     Stomach Ulcers are caused by a bacteria that is present in the stomach called Helicobacter pylori bacteria combined with the presence of stomach acid, also known as H. Pylori. This bacteria lives on the lining of the stomach and can cause damage to the mucous layer that protects the lining from digestive acids.

This bacteria can easily be testing in your doctors office via a breathe test. 

There IS a natural remedy of healing ulcers. No, it does not include drinking bottles of terrible chalky substances from the pharmacy.


C A B B A G E 

Believe it or not, is known to heal ulcers. Now, this may sound counter intuitive, as most would think cabbage would cause them discomfort. This is TRUE, but not when it is juiced.

The body does indeed have a hard time digesting RAW cabbage. The trick here is when it is juiced, the digestion is essentially done for you, leaving the nutrients able to easily go to work where they are needed.

Cabbage juice is known not only for a healing ulcers, but for protecting the liver from pain medication damage. It is also known to help with acne and other inflammation of the skin. You can do green cabbage or the deep purple. I prefer the deep purple to up my Vitamin A intake. Cabbage is not a particularly highly sprayed crop, so going conventional for this is ok at times, just know your source.  We do always suggest the importance of organic. Should you purchase non-organic, be sure to rinse well and soak in a little water with apple cider vinegar. 




Now, I will warn you, cabbage juice AND the process is extremely unpleasant. It tastse pretty bitter,  (Do NOT panic, we can work with this), But the process of juicing it does tend to leave your kitchen quite smelly. 


  • Half of a large softball size cabbage head( more is better, but baby steps)
  • One large cucumber ( pealed if not organic)
  • 3 large carrots
  • 1 large apple
  • 1 knuckle size of ginger ( again more is better for digestion, but do what is going to work FOR YOU, you can always add more)
  • 3 stalks of celery

*superjuiceroption- add turmeric, turmeric, also know for healing and inflammation. You can do this by root or in powder form.  It does stain and is also very strong, start slow.



Ivy Carnegie