Why choose our cleanse?

So, your thinking about cleansing and the choices are overwhelming. You could cleanse at home, save some money, you could cleanse with a place that is on sale, you could order several juices from a bar somewhere and get exactly what you want. You could go to a grocery store and buy juices from the fridge.

Let me explain why although these may seem like the way to go, your success rate is compromised.


1. First things first. Ever look at those bottles in the refrigerators at groceries stores and wonder, " How can these stay good for a long time?" Ever look at bottles in other juices bars and wonder why the expiration date is several months out?  These juices are using a system called  HPP. This process puts the bottled juices into a machine that looks very much like a cat scan and takes the juices to an elevated pressure to kill bacteria without compromising color or taste. This process in extremely new and claims to keep the juice " raw". If something is too good to be true, it probably is.  We at drinkbar, take no chances. Our juice is made for YOU when YOU order and schedule with us. Our juices are HIGHLY perishable, which is exactly the way we want it. 


2. Cleansing at home. This is a wonderful way to juice, however, being a new juicer and the work that comes along with it can be challenging and leave you spending more money, and giving up. I always encourage people to drink juice at home, as often as possible. When you are trying to detox however, the process of making your own juices while experiencing detox side effects leaves you less likely to continue. Another problem is the fruit/veggie ratio. You do not want to juice cleanse on all fruit. You also want to make your juice taste good enough to enjoy while still changing your bad sugar habits and getting results. Many juicers throw all these things that sound good into their juicer ( usually 30-50 dollars worth ) of produce only to add too much of one ingredient and not end up drinking it. With all of this said, YOU CAN be successful at home, it is possible, but takes a little bit more effort, focus and usually the same dollar amount of produce.

3. Organic, Conventional, and Honesty. Ok, many juice bars CLAIM to be selling organic juices. Here is something to think about, with organic produce and little to no pesticides used, the likely hood of having access to that produce all year long, is HIGHLY unlikely, even here in CA! We do our best to keep all our ingredients organic and if we can't get it, because our supplier can't get it, we make sure it is still from an all natural source. So when you are paying those organic prices, make sure you ask questions. IT IS OK , to ask, YOU ARE THE CONSUMER, you DESERVE to know, with that said, their is no regulation on the CLAIMS that these places make.  We encourage you ask. We encourage you to know exactly what you are drinking!


Happy Juicing Guys!