Can I work out while cleansing?

This is such a common question, and while I would love to say there is an answer, there is not.

Everyone is different, and each cleanse journey is different and can even vary from cleanse to cleanse, day to day and person to person. 


 We encourage you, during your cleanse experience to focus on what YOUR body is saying. If you are feeling extremely energized, which can happen, then absolutely, hit the gym, with the awareness that your body may alarm you semi through your typical workout, that it's had enough. You may experience a sudden drowsiness, or fatigue. THIS IS OK. Your body is essentially re-toxifying itself by pulling all the toxins into the blood. It is already, working extremely hard for you.  We also caution you to remember that you are on lower calories than normal, better calories yes, but take it light and focus on light movements, such as yoga, Pilates, walking, and swimming. 

We also suggest, if you are planning on hitting to gym to add in some additional juices. We have them in our store and are happy to assist you with your particular cleansing needs!


Try our Model Mode pack for an extra burn but fuel to keep you going. 

Ivy Carnegie