What do I eat before my cleanse?


So your about to cleanse.. and are wondering what exactly to do, eat, and drink, right?

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It is important to eliminate dairy, processed grains, caffeine, alcohol, animal products and sugar, about 72 hours prior to cleansing. This is not a necessity but will greatly reduce detox symptoms during your juice cleanse, and will make it easier for your body to remove toxins.

Caffeine, if you are a latta-aholic, you may need to start reducing your caffeine consumption even earlier than 72 hours. Caffeine restricts the blood vessels, which makes it hard for the body to let go of stored toxins, not to mention it's addictive and dehydrating properties. Depending on how much you drink, start to replace one cup with a cup of green tea. Green tea, does indeed still have caffeine but not nearly as much as its darker counterpart. You will want to take "a step-down" approach. If you do not drink coffee regularly, then cutting it out should not be too difficult for you. DO NOT, reach for "de-caf" products, as these are chemically decaffeinated. Naturally decaffeinated tea would be a much better option. You will need a little caffeine however when you are weening off, baby steps....

Dairy: Dairy, even organic is hard for our bodies to process. If you are putting it into your coffee, eating cheese, etc. dairy creates mucus throughout our entire body. Mucus usually leads to inflammation. There are SO MANY GREAT alternatives out there. Almond, Coconut ( my favorite), Flax, Cashew, etc. Get it out of your lifestyle, you will be glad you did.

Alcohol.  Now I do not think this one needs much explanation. Wine, does not count as grape juice.

Grains. Very important to taper down before cleansing. Most grains are genetically modified and cause inflammation in our bodies, even if we are not intolerant to any specific one. Many of them are boxed and preserved for shelf stability. Our CELLS do not need to be PRESERVED, so stop feeding them this. They are LIVING, they need LIVING things. :) We promise, after a few days of cutting back on this toxin preserver, you will immediately notice a different.

Animal products: Unfortunately, our meat industry, is not just "meat" anymore. Many things go into the meat supply that are out of our control, or even knowledge of. It can be something that animal is eating prior to getting to our plate, or something that was done during the production process. Chemicals, GMOS (from the food they ate), the preserving process are all things that will inhibit your body's ability to cleanse. Meat is also tougher to digest and sits in our GI tract, thus slowing the speed of toxic elimination. We need the pipes free and clear!

It is important to take these measures prior to cleansing to make it easier on your body and set you up for success after your cleanse. Does this mean you can never have a double-double again with a chocolate milk shake? ABSOLUTELY not. This is just a short period where you are going to take exceptional care of your body to get the results you deserve. Get ready to FLOOD your body with wonderful nourishment, we promise, you wont regret it.