Hey Cleansers,

 I get so many questions on what exactly to eat after cleanse. Well to be honest, you CAN walk into an In n out and order that burger that you were drooling over while chugging your carrot and beet juice. Yes, I said it, you CAN! BUT, most likely, your body will no longer even desire that, and when you eat it, it is unlikely to taste as good as you remember or were hoping.

It's so cool how our bodies become detoxified and start to de-cluttered those hunger pang signals and trully feel the " I need nutrition" signal. Its so great and exciting to know our bodies are that simple and we can get there with even just three days of juicing.

A great thing to eat the morning after a cleanse is fresh fruits or vegetables. Raw is best. Go Raw when possible to continue those detoxifying effects. Theres so many great places in OC to go for raw meals. I will attach some links below.

As far as at home, something great would be lightly cooked OATMEAL ( REAL OATS) not in those lil baggies.. REAL OATS, I use gluten free whole oats and barely cook them. I highly suggest that, especially if  pre cleanse  you had stomach bloating and bread/wheat sensitivities. NO taste difference, I swear!!

 Throw some fresh berries on top, banana, even raw nuts if you like. It is very normal for your body to be craving fat at this time. Putting nut butters, or raw nuts on your oats with berries will help satisfy that craving.

As far as the rest of your meals POST CLEANSE. Continue to eat RAW is best. Raw fruits and veggies. Fresh salads, go crazy with those veggies! This is not A DIET , it is a lifestyle, you are giving your body wonder nutrients. Love your body fuel it!

This task will be easy for you POST cleanse, as you will crave these sorts of raw fruits and veggies!

For milks, I highly suggest coconut, almond , flax , or hemp. ALMOND IS SO GOOD and they have many low calorie options, even lower than SKIM! You wont be sorry I promise!

Great places to dine post cleanse

Au Lac in Fountain Valley                                   http://aulac.com/

Native Foods at The Camp in Costa Mesa              http://nativefoods.com/

Mothers Market and Kitchen, Brea, Santa, Costa Mesa ( All have dine in cafe, and JUICE BARS)              http://www.mothersmarket.com/

Rutabegorgz, Tustin, Orange, Fullerton (they have juice and HUGE salads)             http://www.rutabegorz.com/

Green Bliss in Fullerton ( AMAZING, im addicted to this place right now).Great for salads and such!         http://www.green-bliss.com/   

You can OF COURSE make wonderful wonderful meals at home and I HIGHLY suggest that for your wallet, waisteline and liver. BUT Lets all be realistic and honest, sometimes, its your girlfriends birthday lunch or the kids schedule is crazy and its not possible. Here are some great options to put in those situations.

Success is paid for in advance! You have to prepare!:)

Good Luck! and Happy Cleanse Feel free to email us with ANY OTHER QUESTIONS AT ALL.