Say What?.....Frequently asked Questions


You’ve made a commitment to better your body, get rid of toxins, change your life and the way you feel. Juicing is such a wonderful way to flood our bodies with nutrients, kick those cravings and bad habits, and give our bodies a chance to cleanse itself, while feeling beautiful and naturally energized from the inside out.

What are Toxins?

 A toxin is chemical or poison known to have harmful effects on the body. They are everywhere from the food we consume to the air we breathe and shampoo we use.  Our fast paced modern society has offered us easy but “empty calories” leaving us over weight but starving for nutrients and addicted to these chemicals. BUT, You’ve made an amazing choice to feel amazing, and feed your body the nutrients it needs while allowing those toxin to be flushed out! WAY TO GO!

Who should detox?

Everyone who eats processed food, can benefit from detoxification through whole, raw food, and juice. The caloric intake is sufficient for normal everyday activity and is providing much more nutrients than the typical American diet.

What can I expect?

Some side effects may occur as the body attempts to adjust to the lack of caffeine refined sugars, animal fats, chemicals from processed foods and our environment. This is normal and means the detox process is working. Others may experience no side effects and fine extreme energy, focus, clarity, better sleep, better sex drive, lack of cravings, clearer skin, whiter eyes, fresher breathe and so much more.

Will I need to be close to a restroom?

Not at all. The cleanse may make you urinate more frequently than you are used to. No cramping of the bowels, or frequent elimination as there are no harsh chemicals as with other cleanses.

Can I eat if I need to?

It is best to give the colon a chance to take a break from breaking down food, and focus on elimination of toxins, however, if you are in need, sliced cucumber, with lemon or a fresh green salad with lemon can be beneficial, as opposed to bailing on the cleanse all together.

Any thing else to help my cleanse be more effective?

Days prior, prepare your body by consuming whole raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Eliminate animal products and processed food. While cleansing, start your day with warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Drink as much water as you’d like( alkaline water is best) in between juices. GOOD LUCK!