3 Day Meal Plan


3 Day Meal Plan

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All of our meals are allergen concious, never frozen, never preserved, nongmo, dairy free, wheat free and local orange county made. All of our meals are prepared and delivered with the intent of your enjoying pleasure the day and following days of it's delivery. Our tasty nourished meals are thought out for you and your optimal NOURISHMENT. Our vision is E A R T H  T O  M O U T H as simplified as possible. Never added OILS Never added salt Never added sugar! Our meals are appropriately food combined for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

Sample Meals

1. Breakfast

Seasonal Assorted fruit bowl

2. Lunch

Large green salad with seasonal veggies and an oil free dressing.

3. Dinner

A variation of cooked vegetables, lightly steamed with NO OILS and NO ADDED SALTS. Designed to fill you up without weighting you down.

4. Seasonal Snack/Juice or a Tea 

All three days are the same to encourage simplicity in digestion.

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Its finally here! MEALS!

3 Meals a day Plus a juice/tea or fat burning snack!