About drinkbar.


              We are a husband and wife, from a small town in Illinois who have a passion for good, real food that is wholesome and nourishes the body, while tasting great.

 We started our juice bar because of our personal passion for juicing! We started cleansing in 2008 and could not ignore the incredible benefits from fresh REAL juice. We both slept better, felt better, worked out harder, reduced our cravings, had better skin and felt revitalized. Our love for juicing grew as our knowledge of nutrition and holistic healing blossomed.

We are neither vegan nor vegetarian, but respect all food, ways of life and healthy eating. We consider ourselves flexeterians, and when the not so healthy habits creep up, we know its time to cleanse, reset and get back in balance. 

We hope you love our cleanse as much as we do! We hope it changes your life as it did ours, and you will pass on juicing to those you love!


Why we are different?

       Here at drinkbar, all of our juices are O R G A N I C  and NON-HPP ( a process in which most  juice bars used to extend shelf life and preserve their juice.) NOT here. NOT drinkbar. We are committed to OURSELVES and you to stay, 


locally sourced, organic,


cold-pressed and made fresh,

here in Orange County, Ca. DID WE MENTION, O R G A N I C?  #holdthepesticides

We use organic produce. Our hearts are crazy on fire to fight back against big business and the use of GMO's.  We feel it is important to stay organic and for that our prices do fluctuate with the seasons and access to organic produce. We know our customers seeking our organic products appreciate our efforts in staying true to our beliefs. 

      We DO NOT preserve or pasteurize our juices, They are raw, and have a three day shelf life, the way nature intended. Each cleanse is specifically juiced for you only after you have ordered. 

       We have a passion for finding healing, natural juices and combining concoctions to even better nourish our busy bodies.

                       We are so happy you found our page and can't wait to meet you in person. 


2493 Park Ave. Tustin, Ca 92782